Wednesday, September 24, 2008

word guessing

What’s your favorite word game? Mine is hangman. All you need is pen and paper, and someone to play with.

The best part of hangman is that it’s a completely different game depending on who you play with. People can pick easy or hard words, or phrases, or even make it like hangman charades (with categories, like movies, TV shows, books, etc.). Your opponent can also change the number of guesses you have before your man is hanged. Some people are bare bones hangers, and others will let you add ears, hair, face, hands and feet.

I was at a party one time, and a couple of people wanted to play hangman (not your usual party game). I like to play hangman, so I said yes. I got to pick the first word; it had seven letters. The other two people I was playing with could not guess the word. I even gave them extra guesses. I even gave them clues.

Me: It’s something that’s here tonight.

Them: people?

Me: No, You already picked ‘P’ and ‘E.’ (Point to letters that got them almost hanged.)

Them: Shaking heads and looking confuzzled.

Me: It’s something you’re drinking.

Them: Beer?

Needless to say, they never got the word (alcohol) and didn’t want to play any more rounds.

For a fun online Halloween hangman game, click here.

What’s your favorite word game?

Book Pick: A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb
Helen has been a ghost for 130 years and the living have never seen her, until now. She is afraid of the boy that can see her, at first, then falls in love with the ghost that has possessed his body. A haunting and literary ghost story with a different take on what happens after you die, or when you are alive, but have given up hope.


  1. I like word scrambles and anagrams, personally. Something about taking the name of somebody who just stabbed you in the back and rewording it to spell something really insulting is therapeutic to me.

    I'm so mature. :)

  2. Ha! I will like word scrambles and anagrams much better now, thanks! I'm envious of people that are good at scrambles and anagrams. They frustrate me (I feel stupid if I can't figure them out, kind of like playing Trivial Pursuit). If I could make up my own to get back at people, however ...

    The super easy ones are pretty pointless, except that I can show my superior skills of deduction by guessing them right away, so that makes me feel good. With the harder ones, I usually have to pretend to give up on them, so I can not think about it and let my subconscious work on it. When I go back to the puzzle, I can usually (ok, sometimes) figure it out right away, and that makes me feel smart again.

    Yes, I am weird!

  3. I love scrabble...which is funny, because I am a horrible speller...but put a scrabble game in front of me and I can spell anything (and if hubs isn't paying close attention, I even make up words...shhh...don't tell)

    This isn't a word game, but I also love crosswords and fill-ins (a blank crossword and you have to figure out where each word goes)...

  4. Gee, I can see why they wanted to play, seeing how they were so good at it!
    I always liked that game where you see how many words you can make with the letters of some phrase like Happy Holidays.

  5. Brenda, crosswords, fill-ins, and word searches totally cound as word games. I like Scrabble too, as long as the other people aren't grand master Scrabblers.

    Adrienne, I've never figured out why they suggested playing Hangman. I'd never met them before (or seen them since) so maybe they are good at it when they are sober. I'm not so good with the word scrambler puzzles, but it's fun if I can play with someone else and we search for words together.

  6. You're weird. I'm mature. (Not.) I defintely want to have dinner with you some day. ;)

  7. It would be great to have dinner sometime with you Carrie :0)