Tuesday, September 30, 2008

writing advice from a fisherman

The other day, Brenda posted some great writing quotes on her blog and asked, "Do you have a quote or passage that helps you when you need that little push? I would love to hear it/them, so please share."

Ever since she asked the question, the quote I've had in my head is not about writing. It's a quote from a crab fisherman.

"Shut up and Fish!" - Sig Hansen, captain of the Northwestern, as seen on The Deadliest Catch

"Shut up and Fish," is really just a different way of saying, "Butt In Chair," a saying which every writer knows. It's just a lot more fun to think of Sig saying it, and besides, if those guys can go out fishing in below zero weather, in the middle of a storm, then I can get my butt in my chair and write or make art. My new mottos are:

"Shut up and Write!" or "Shut up and Draw!" or both.

Thanks Sig.


  1. Fun post and good advice too!

  2. Yeah, but I immediately get that "Shut Up and Drive" song stuck in my head. It's melting my brain right about now. ACK! :)

  3. LOL! I love it! Simple. Inspired. Memorable! who knew crab fishermen were so wise. :0)

    I've got to go shut up and fish now. :0)


  4. Rena, Carrie, and Christy: glad you guys liked the advice. Sig is very wise. ;)

    Sorry about the song in your head Carrie!

  5. Love it! What a wonderful way to say "butt in chair"...great quote!

  6. Brenda: It's a lot more fun to say than "Butt in Chair," isn't it? ;)