Friday, September 26, 2008

yellow = happy

Yellow is a happy color. Yellow brightens up the day with thoughts of sunshine and sunflowers, sand at the beach and bananas from tropical places.

Today is a rainy day. Today is also laundry day, and tomorrow we get to take the Remus kitty to the vet (in the rain). He’s usually a happy, playful kitty, but not at the vet’s office.

Cute Remus vs. Angry Remus
(disclaimer: he’s not actually angry in the second picture, he’s yawning)

So today I am thinking about all things yellow, like butter and honey and fire and lemon drops. I’ll be thinking of them tomorrow too.

Wishing you a happy yellow day and a happy yellow weekend too!

Book Pick: Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot
Katie Ellison is not a liar, even though she’s dating two guys and participating in a town festival honoring things that she doesn’t support. Plus, her old friend Tommy Sullivan is back in town, and he could complicate everything. This book is so much fun, especially good for improving a rainy day.


  1. Here's hoping you have a happy yellow weekend also...

    I love yellow hi-lighters...I always feel like I'm brightening up the words that I am hi-lighting...

  2. I love yellow highlighters too. I never thought of them as brightening up the words though. I'll have to remember that - it makes me smile :0)

  3. Thanks for the perspective on yellow. Truly. I kind of, um, hate yellow. (I've been known to say the devil isn't red; he's yellow.) I realize this is irrational. And it's golden yellow I don't like; I like lemon yellow. I'll even wear it on occasion. So I'll second the lemon drops. :)BTW, I also like yellow markers if they are neon yellow, not goldy-yellow. They just do the job the best.

  4. Marcia: Happy to hear you're jumping on the yellow train ;)