Wednesday, October 8, 2008

cheeky banana stickers, made by monkeys

I think the monkeys have taken over the banana sticker production, at least at Chiquita. There’s a sticker on one of our bananas that says, “Place Sticker on Forehead. Smile.”

I’ve always loved banana stickers, but this is a new kind of banana sticker craziness that makes me love them even more. Who knew that the monkeys on typewriters were really writing funny sayings for their favorite fruit?

Go Chiquita Banana Sicker Monkeys Go!

Only 23 more days until Hallo-Mwahahahaha!


  1. I've noticed a few of these too. My boys & I love them. Too bad all the boys want are the stickers. I can't get them to eat bananas for anything!

  2. I think I may have to dress all in yellow, put one of those stickers on my head, and go as a banana. Snarf.

  3. Rena, you have to tell them no stickers unless they eat the bananas. Kidding! I'm a picky eater, so I don't want people to eat stuff they don't like. I don't even like bananas that much, I just buy them for the stickers. I eat them, but I like other fruit better.

    Who knows, maybe your boys will grow to like them, or you can make banana bread.

    Carrie, SNARF! OMG, you should so do that! And if you do, please post a picture!!! They had people in banana costumes (no stickers) on a kids show I flipped by the other day. I think it was Disney. There were several kids and Fozzy (yes, the Muppet) dressed up as bananas.

  4. I love that sticker, too! My daughter came home from school with one on her forehead.
    But if the monkeys were in charge of actually placing the stickers on the bananas, I'm afraid they'd eat up the profits.

  5. At least the sticker doesn't say, "Stick it!" :0)
    I think the funny stickers are much better than the Chiquita lady stickers! Bravo cheeky monkeys!

  6. I bet they are sock monkeys...sock monkeys look smart enough to think of something like that...grin...

  7. Adrienne: Your daughter is cool! :0) They keep the monkeys and the bananas separate. The monkeys have to come up with funny sayings before they get a banana for the day. Poor monkeys.

    Kelly: Ha! You're right, the monkeys come up with way better stickers than better than the Chiquita lady did, but then again, she just liked seeing her picture ;)

    Brenda: You might be right. Sock monkeys are very smart, and cheeky.