Friday, October 24, 2008

contest, postcards, pickled skunks

Halloween short story contest over on the merry fates blog! Go here, enter, get cool prizes! (Or don’t enter, and I will win with my silly story of how Sheila became a zombie cheerleader.)

If you entered my NaNo title contest, don’t forget to email me your address and which Sheila image and cheer you want on your postcard. Sheila wants to cheer you on!

Sheila’s team at Zombie High is getting a new name and mascot (suggested by Sheila, the head cheerleader, of course). The new team name for Zombie High is: The Pickled Skunks!
Sheila’s favorite thing about the new name is that they get new uniforms. It’s best if you don’t think about pickled skunks, or what they are, just bask in the delicious absurdity of the name. You really don’t have to think about actual pickled skunks … you’re thinking about pickled skunks now, aren’t you? Fine. Sheila wants me to show you a picture. Do you like the pickled skunk?


  1. Boy that Sheila sure can sniff out a good team name...oh that was bad, I know...grin...

  2. I can smell the formaldehyde and vinegar right now. go pickled skunks!

    (how perfect for a zombie cheerleader!)


  3. Brenda - Ha! The name actually came from experiences (actually bad smells we ran into) on our apple picking trip. We were talking about a team name for Sheila, and had several so-so suggestions. DH put all the smelly stuff together to get Pickled Skunks. It stuck.

    Christy - ewwww, formaldehyde! I'd rather smell skunk (actually, I'd rather not smell either of them, but if I had to choose ...) ;)

  4. I keep thinking drunk as a skunk = pickled skunks.

    Where did that expression come from anyway? I've never met a skunk at a bar or a party. Hmmm. Maybe I did.

    Now, drunk zombie cheerleaders could be quite interesting...

  5. not sure where drunk as a skunk came from, but I do know that if you have skunks around your house, and you put a bowl of cheap wine outside, they will drink it and they get "drunk" and then they go off and get sick...they relate your yard with the bad experience and won't come back...

    We do this at the complex when we have a skunk problem...grin...

  6. I'll be a part of Le Team, but only if the Pickled Skunks can be our mascot too. And my question is whether the skunk is dill pickled or bread and butter pickled...

  7. I excercised yesterday. No, really, I did.

    As for cheap wine, it gets me sick too. I never thought I'd have something in common with a skunk– besides striped hair, but that's from bad highlights. (Darn that stylist)

  8. Never mind thinking about them, now I'm imagining what that would smell like...
    What happens when he runs out onto the field?

  9. slhastings: no idea about the drunk skunks, but drunk zombie cheerleaders is an interesting idea. Sorry about your highlights! I'm sending some good exercise vibes your way ~~~

    brenda: thanks for the skunk/wine tip! I'd never heard that before.

    Carrie: Of course the pickled skunk can be our mascot for Le Team. I'm not sure what kind of pickled he is. I don't even know what bread and butter pickling is, but I am allergic to dill.

    Adrienne: Ha! I didn't think about the smell. When the pickled skunk runs out on the field, the other team tries to run away. The zombies use that to their advantage, mwahaha.