Friday, October 10, 2008

Flickr photos and food sniffs

Flickr Photos
Good Morning America did a segment today about online photos and how your photos on Flickr and other photo sharing sites could be used without your knowledge or permission, even if you’ve said the images are not to be shared. To read the story or watch the video, click here.
(note: the full article is posted; it continues below the video.)

Food Sniffs
Someone was baking chocolate chip cookies today. They smelled soooooo good! But since I couldn’t tell where the sniffs were coming from, I didn’t go beg for cookies. A while after that, my neighbors cooked their regular “smells-like-feet” dish, and I didn’t want the cookies (or anything else to eat) anymore.

Happy Weekend everyone – I hope you all get to have fresh baked cookies. :)


  1. Dang, that dryer looks nasty! I'm glad you got your clothes out of the other one before something happened. I heard about Flickr using people's pictures before too. That seems so wrong.

    Chocolate chip cookies = mmmm!
    Smells-like-feet dish = ick.

  2. I watched the story on GMA...sad that companies don't care about the peole they are stealing from...the same people they want to buy their products...argh...

    that dryer would make me want to hang all my clothes all over my home to keep from using any of them...yikes!

    I just made chocolate chip cookies...I went out and took a sniff...they don't smell like I must have done them right...grin...

  3. Yep, our laundry room is conspiring with the clothing industry to make our clothes need to be replaced more often. (kidding, I think)

    Now I want cookies again ...

  4. Thanks for the info about Flickr!
    Mmmm, just had a chocolate chip cookie dipped in milk...but not a freshly baked one-maybe tomorrow!

  5. That's one NASTY dryer. Can you imagine being the person with the flaming clothes? Eeek!

  6. You're welcome Kelly! Now I want chocolate chip cookies again...

    Carrie, I feel so bad for the people who had their clothes torched. I can't even imagine how awful that would be.