Thursday, November 6, 2008

Remus, bad days, and what if?

I’m not here; I’m working on my portfolio (review on Sunday – eep!) and taking Remus to get his teeth cleaned. Send some good vibes his way. He’s having a bad day. Poor kitty!

Something to ponder while Remus is at the vet:
We don’t like it when we have a bad day or someone we love is having a bad day. However, we need to give our characters bad days, or at least get them into sticky or uncomfortable situations. That’s what makes the story interesting and the characters grow. So …

What’s the worst thing that could happen to your character and could you put them into that situation?

Could you write her out of it and help her get to a better place?

Could you make the situation worse?

You could throw in an old boyfriend (that she still loves) when she’s having a fight with her new boyfriend, or an earthquake, or showing up to school in her underwear (and it’s not a dream) or maybe she goes skydiving and her parachute doesn’t open, or …

What if your character had the worst day ever? What then? How would he save face or make things right?

Today is a good day to ponder What If? I’ll be doing that for some black and white images for my portfolio. Bee and Sheila need to make an appearance, and I’m about to give them both bad days, and a few good moments too.


  1. You mean things can get WORSE than being a zombie!?! Poor Sheila! ;0)

    OK. Time to give my NaNo character a bad day. But not a zombie-kind of bad day. Just a regular, mortal, bad day. See ya!


  2. Aw, poor Remus! Sending good wishes...
    Have fun putting your characters through the wringer!

  3. Have you watched the TV showWorst Week Ever? Lots of bad (but comical) stuff goes down! It reminds me of Meet the Parents a little

  4. I'll be sending you good portfolio vibes this weekend. And what's wrong with Sheila? Should I send the Zombie Doctor, or is it a problem with her Zombie Boyfriend? And why am I capitalizing everything?

  5. I find that when I have a bad day, I can write my characters into a bad day...but if I'm happy, they have to be happy also...

    My boss made me mad the other day, so I wrote in a bully to pick on my MC...the best part...the MC can get back at the bully...and it will be some kind of gettin' back...grin...

  6. Christy, zombies are afraid of things too, and I might be playing on one of her fears. ;) Hope you gave your character a bad day!

    Adrienne, thanks for the good wishes for Remus! They helped. I had fun with my characters; not so sure they had fun ;)

    Kelly, Yep, we've watched Worst Week Ever :)

    Thanks for the portfolio vibes Carrie - much needed! Nothing is technically wrong with Sheila. She just has this one crazy, irrational fear. Mwahahaha ;)

    Brenda, I do that too sometimes! And sometimes I do the opposite to help me get in a better mood. Sorry about your boss, but it sounds like a good way to get back at him/her!

  7. Poor Remus -- I hope he's feeling better today.

    It's kind of cliche-ish, but they say bad things always happen in threes. Let's hope Bee & Sheila are ready for it! :)

  8. Rena, I think Bee is ready for (or at least capable to handle) bad things. Sheila likes to cause bad things.