Friday, November 7, 2008

zombies are chasing me!

Help! Sheila and her friends won’t leave me alone! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The only way to get them to stop chasing me is to work on my portfolio (there will be zombie pictures and vampires and … ).

Back to work! Hope you all get lots of creative work done today and have a great weekend too!

Remus Update: No teeth pulled! (They said they might have to pull several.) He’s pretty sore, but his teeth are clean and healthy, which in the long run should help him stay healthy.


  1. So glad to hear that Remus has good news.

    The good thing about being chased by zombies is that they are pretty slow. I mean, they can't go too fast since they're appendages are always falling off and needing to be reattached.



  2. Glad kitty is okay. Don't let those zombies get you down!

  3. Great news for Remus! Pulling teeth is no fun whether you're a person or a cat. Good for you Stephanie for getting your cat's teeth cleaned! Most people don't see the importance of that. I'm not one to talk, since both my cats need theirs done too. I hope Remus feels better today and isn't so sore.

    So far today, I've gotten nothing creative done other than visit everyone's blogs! Everyone writes such interesting blogs that I can't get anything done. Will that work as an excuse? ;)

  4. Glad Remus got off easy...Hope he keeps doing better....

    I've always heard that you should run in a zig zag motion when being makes for a harder target...grin...

  5. Thanks for all the good thoughts for Remus everyone! He's feeling better and and back on solid food for the most part.

    Christy: Ha! The appendages falling off is a big problem for Sheila.

    Adrienne: Thanks, I won't let them get me down!

    Rena: We should clean them more often, but at least they're clean now, right? All white and sparkly ;) Blogs work as an excuse - I'm doing that right now!

    Brenda: Thanks for the zig-zag tip!