Monday, April 13, 2009

Art Day: Illustration Friday - Experiences? Comments? Opinions?

Today's Art Day is about Illustration Friday. Has anyone tried it? Do you like it? Think it's useful?

I've wanted to participate in Illustration Friday for a while now, but this is the first week that I'm joining in. It seems like a great way to prompt yourself to make art based on an assignment and about a topic that you might not have thought about illustrating. Both good things to practice if you want to illustrate for someone else.

The topic this week is, "Fleeting." My painting shows a moose dancing. Because sometimes, you've just got to dance, and those moments are fleeting. I wish those "Gotta Dance!" moments happened more often, don't you?

(The moose is a character in a PB I'm working on, but the art technique is different.)


  1. Love the colors! Dance Moose Dance!

  2. Go MOOSE! So fun! Great movement.

  3. CUTE! We have moose come through our yard every now and then. I have yet to get a good picture of one, though I've taken some in national parks. Grand Teton is the best place to see moose.

    Love the dancing and swirls!

  4. Thanks Kelly and doodlegirl!

    Thanks Rena! It must be fun to see all the wildlife, although I'm not sure I would want moose coming through my yard, unless they were baby moose. We used to have deer once in a while growing up, but no moose.

  5. I've never done Illustration Friday, but I love the site. I have too many projects going as it is, but for anyone who works well with prompts, I think it's faboo.

  6. Thanks for the feedback Lily. I have too many projects going on too, but I've wanted to do it for a long time. Maybe I can combine the two or do quick images for IF. :)