Saturday, April 18, 2009

IF: impossibility

The topic for Illustration Friday this week, is impossibility.

It's an impossibility that this girl will be able to hold this pose much longer before toppling over.

Of course, it's possible that I didn't plan ahead while drawing, and the reason that she's in this pose, is because the only way to fit her feet on the page was to have her legs bent. Or, maybe she's trying out a new yoga pose. Or maybe she's invented a new way to do cartwheels.

Happy Weekend everybody!!! I hope it's filled with wonderful impossibilities :)


  1. Great job! Reminds me of when I was a kid. Loved to play in the grass and do hand stands and such.

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. ok I'm a fan now love the colors

  3. Love the idea, love the artwork and I love your problem solving :O)

  4. Definitely impossible.....for me. Am enjoying your work.

  5. I love the drawing. You know, many years ago when I took gymnastics, we had to do stuff like this. We often had to practice handstands against a wall and put our feet into this position. I think you're onto something here ...

  6. Great illo, I have done the same thing drawn something and ran out of room on the page,lol.

  7. impossible maybe.... fun definitely!

  8. Thanks Sherry! I used to love to play in the grass too. :)

    Thanks John! You made my day.

    Thanks Jack! I'm pretty good at not planning for the edge of the paper.

    Thanks Nancy!

    Thanks Cheryl! It's impossible for me too.

    Thanks Rena! Funny how that works out sometimes - I didn't know that people used that pose on purpose. I figured she was just goofing around. Now I think she's a future gymnast.

    Thanks Gail! I do that all the time. I get so wrapped up in drawing that I forget where the edge of the page is until I get there.

    Thanks Roberta!

  9. How fun! I'm sure that I could never accomplish this pose. Great fun.