Friday, April 24, 2009

IF: Theater - a.k.a. Peter Pan with elephants

When I saw that the topic for Illustration Friday this week was theater, I wondered how I could make it work with the fact that it's elephant week here on my blog. My next thought was, "Peter Pan." Surprisingly, Peter Pan works perfectly for elephant theater. Enjoy :)


  1. seriously . . . you need to change the name to "packyderm-pan' or "peanut-pan" or something more elephant-y.

    as ususal. . . .luv, luv luv the illo's!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Fun! Could it be Babar telling Peter Pan to the kids?

  3. very cute! I also love the idea of "elephant week" on your blog!

  4. I love your blog! So informative & such fun to read & look through--great job! You inspire me to make mine a better place to visit. Thanks!

  5. too cute! I love the little elephant with the glasses!

  6. I love elephant theater! great illustration and so fun! Nice work!

  7. Haha! Thanks for the giggle! This is sweet! I love it!

  8. What a wonderful imagination you have! SO creative and fun.

  9. Thanks Christy! How about, Peanut-Pan and Wendy-phant? ;)

    Thanks Gillian! It could be Babar telling his kids Peter Pan. Fun idea.

    Thank you Linda!!! Will have to stop by your blog and see what's up :)

    Thanks Angela! BTW, the museum elephant pics didn't turn out all that great (no flash), but I can send them to you if you want. Let me know. How did yours turn out?

    Thank you Meka!

    Thanks Jack!

    Thanks Loni - glad I could make you giggle!

    Thank you doodle girl!