Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new look for Sheila the zombie cheerleader?

Remember Sheila? She hasn't been around my blog for a while, but she's been talking to me (her story is the one I'm writing for my 14 week novel). Lately she's been begging for a new look, since the old images I did of her are younger. Yesterday I did a sketch that she likes (the other ones weren't good enough for her). Here's the new look for Sheila, unless she changes her mind and wants a different look again. What do you think?

Now that she has a new look, I'm seriously considering making her story a graphic novel, again. That's where it started and I still like the idea of drawing lots of zombies ;) I'll let you know what I decide (actually, what Sheila decides) later today, when I post week four of the 14 week novel.

Update: She's not as zombie as the old Sheila because of feedback from an editor saying she was too zombie-ish. I'm trying to find the right balance of making her look older than before and not as freaky. Her skin tone will be a greyish-green color, so that should help. Thanks to Tamarak and Slatts for feedback on her zombie-ish-ness!

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