Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Strange Happenings

I looked out the window this afternoon, and it was snowing! Big flakes of snow were whirling and swirling outside. There were so many that it looked like a snowstorm was rolling in. That may not seem too unusual for April, except that it was 88 degrees outside (I knew that because I watched the weather channel a few minutes earlier).

So if it wasn’t snow, what was it? It looked feathery and there used to be a bunch of pigeons roosting in the apartment building next to ours, but pigeons don’t just lose feathers and I hadn’t heard any shots.

Maybe it was butterflies?

Nope, not butterflies. When I went to the window, I saw that it was flower petals floating and flying around outside! We have lots of flowering trees where we live and it was windy outside. Still, we’ve lived here for many years and have never seen a flower storm like this. Maybe it happens every year, but since we’re not near the ground floor, we don’t see it. Or it could just be one of those things that rarely happen.

What kind of trees did the snow come from? No clue, but here’s a picture:

Luckily, it “snowed” again after my husband came home, so he got to see the blizzard too. :)


  1. Funny, we have a magnolia tree in our front yard that was raining petals just yesterday.

    Okay, it's not really funny, but close enough. :)

  2. I just saw a cute picture book about a fox who thinks it's snowing and warns the animals that winter's coming...and it turns out to be spring blossoms.
    The picture looks a little like our pear tree.

  3. Cool Carrie. You had raining trees and I had snowing trees. :)

    Adrienne, that sounds like a really fun picture book. Do you remember the title? I'm not sure what kind of tree it is. It's pretty though.