Friday, May 8, 2009

and the winners are …

Running off to jury duty, but I have time to post winners. DH picked the winner out of a hat and helped me choose the runners up from the remaining entries. All the entries were really great; it was hard to choose!

Grand Prize Winner (and new owner of a ceramic chicken): Carrie Harris – Cluck Skellington and Zero

Runners Up:
Mr. Muerte and Margaret - Angeltreats
Mordred and Peep - Ravelda

(Runners up win their choice of either Tunnels by Brian Williams and Roderick Gordon, Robot Dreams by Sara Varon, or a Dramatic Conclusion T-shirt by sruble – size Large … I have 2 of each of these in case you both pick the same thing.)

Honorable Mention: The Colonel and Secret Sauce, which I loved, but found out is my husband (who is technically not eligible to win and unhappy about it – poor DH). I’m going to take him out for ice cream to make him feel better.

** Winners and runners up, please email me – stephanie (at) sruble (dot) com - with your address so I can send out your prizes, and runners up, let me know what your choice is. :)


  1. I like The Colonel and Secret Sauce, too! Glad DH at least gets ice cream.
    I'm sure Carrie will take good care of Cluck :)

  2. Yay, lucky me! Thank you! Will email you now...

  3. congrats to the winners (and your DH).

    I think it is sweet that he penned your favorite!!!

  4. Um... should I feel guilty? I promise to give Colonel Cluck and Zero Sauce a good home.

  5. Adrienne, DH is happy that someone liked his names! And he's ok with ice cream because Carrie has promised to take good care of Cluck and Zero.

    Yay Angeltreats - I'll send out your prize soon!

    Angela - it was really sweet of him to play along, and come up with the awesome names.

    Carrie - don't feel guilty! DH is happy that The Colonel and Secret Sauce (because he still calls them that) will be going to a good home and will be well taken care of. And he likes the addition to Zero's name :)