Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WW: Mommies and Babies, and, IF: Hierarchy

This is a watercolor pencil sketch, after the water was added. There were several other stages after this, including color with more watercolor pencil and regular colored pencils, plus ink. I also started a digital under painting of this stage. After all that, I still like the simple image best, so here it is:

If I continue with the other versions and they turn out, I might post them at a later date, but I kind of like this best. Gives me a few ideas for a new process to try out too, and I like trying new stuff. :)

I figured it worked well for both the Mommies and Babies theme for Watercolor Wednesdays and the Hierarchy theme for Illustration Friday.


  1. Really nice hue! I enjoy the little moment you've created.

  2. I love the dog tugging on the little boy's shirt!

  3. Love the concept, I totally relate to it ;)

  4. nice family hierarchy - i like the aloof cat!

  5. Thanks doodlegirl!

    Thanks Kelly! The dog is my favorite part - don't tell the cat.

    Thanks Rena!

    Thanks twinklestarart! Sorry you can relate so well, or maybe that's a good thing - I'm sure the moment after this picture is calm and serene ;)

    Thanks lil kim! I figured that the cat wouldn't want to admit that he's a part of it, even though it's clear that he wants some attention.