Thursday, March 26, 2015

birds, Kitty, bees, ruckus for IF, and a new postcard

The prompt for Illustration Friday this week is ruckus. It just so happens that I've been working on images for a new postcard, and the events of the first image lead to a ruckus in the second one!

Image #1: Kitty is hiding in the flowers, hoping that by holding very still, a birdie will land so she can catch it (in her mouth).

One of the birdies is having none of that, and is going to fight back, with bees! A close up:

When we turn the page (or the postcard), we see the ruckus in full swing!

These two images are for the new postcard I'm going to send out soon (off to the printer early next week). Here's how they look on the postcard - the front:

and the back (not sure why blogger made the background grey - it's white):

and look, there are bees instead of dashes in the text!

Will be working on more art for my portfolio while I wait for the postcards to be printed!

Hope your day is ruckus free, or if not, that it's a fun sort of ruckus, and not a swarm of bees chasing you sort of ruckus!


  1. Oh my word- my kitty *just* eyed a bee that found its way into the house and was attempting to get through the glass window... I got it out with the drinking glass and paper card trap, not nearly as dramatic (or cute) as your work here.

    1. Kitties know, timing is everything! Kitties are also also great bee spotters and know that bees are better outside than in. Good to hear you were able to escort your guest back outside. Probably felt dramatic in the moment to try to help bee and avoid getting stung too. Thanks for sharing! :)