Thursday, March 19, 2015

chickens throwing pies for IF, and a zombie cheerleader for tbt

The prompt for Illustration Friday this week is strong.* I couldn't resist adding color to this old sketch for it. There are three types of strong in this picture.

1. The chicken on the left has a strong arm.

2. The chicken in the middle has a strong sense of self preservation.

3. There's a strong chance that the chicken on the right will get hit by a pie.

I wanted to use a limited palette on this piece, which I think worked better than if I had tried to add more color, or left it all black and white. The lines are all sketchy-wobbly (can’t remember why), which I wouldn’t use for final art, but I like it for this sketch.

* And now for a tbt (Throwback Thursday): The last time Illustration Friday had strong as a prompt, I also used a chicken image. Here is my strong chicken holding up Sheila the zombie cheerleader:

I don't remember the colors being so bright on this image. Might need sunglasses to look at this one!


  1. I remember Sheila the Zombie Cheerleader! :-)

    1. Yay! :) BTW, Sheila remembers you too. Don't worry, she won't eat your brain. Then again, if she gets too close when she's hungry, you might want to run (never trust a hungry zombie).

  2. Pie-throwing chickens, oh my. I want to know what pies they throw, those chickens. Maybe chicken-pot-pies?

    1. Ha! I was thinking cream pies. Not sure the chickens like the idea of chicken-pot-pies, since there are chickens in them, but they'd totally go for a 4 and 20 blackbird pie. ;)