Friday, June 5, 2015

an airborne cow, cat, and donut: new postcards, unusual holidays, and Illustration Friday

Today's unusual holiday is Donut Day,* and yesterday was Hug A Cat Day. I combined those two with the Illustration Friday prompt this week, "airborne,"to create this portrait:

Cora (the cow) is from a book I'm working on, and also my new postcard.** She searched for her cat Marmalade yesterday to give her a hug for Hug A Cat Day, but Marmalade likes hugs almost as much as she likes Cora's pogo stick (not at all). She got a hug today and a ride on the pogo stick too, but no donut. Poor Marmalade.

Marmalade is swishing her tail in annoyance. Cora better watch out when they land!

* Which way do you spell today's tasty treat: Donut or Doughnut? Spell check says donut is spelled wrong, unless it's plural. Guessing spell check likes to eat donuts by the dozen!

** My new postcards featuring Cora got mailed*** out yesterday!

*** FYI to illustrators: postage rates for postcard stamps went up on Sunday to 35 cents (which they didn't tell me when I bought 150 postcard stamps on Saturday). I was able to buy 1 cent stamps (had to go to two post offices to get enough), so the postcards are on their way. WooHoo!


  1. Is that what the talk about when they say "mad cow?" ;)

    1. More like, "Mad Cat" (in the donut image) ... or did you mean me at the post office? ;)