Thursday, July 9, 2015

alligator vs. bunny part two: sharp teeth and a challenge

I couldn't resist drawing what happens after the alligator tries to eat the bunny in the picture I drew last week. (Both images are from an old picture book dummy that I'm revising.)

Since the Illustration Friday prompt this week is: sharp (as in, "Look at those sharp alligator teeth!"), it seemed like a perfect fit for IF too. Here's what happens after you turn the page from last week's image:

The bunny is hoping that the alligator will accept her challenge instead of having her for lunch!

I changed the alligator slightly from last week, so that the mouth is longer and more alligator-ish. Here's a close up of the bunny:

I used a reverse type speech bubble because when it was white with black type, it got lost among all the white alligator teeth. I wanted both the text and the teeth to stand out.

What do you think happens next? Do you think the bunny will still be lunch? Or do you think the bunny will outsmart the alligator?


  1. As fellow mammal I am firmly on Bunny's side. I'm guessing Bunny, having more brains than Alligator's brawn, will talk his way to freedom. In his position I don't see what else is left for him to try.

    1. I'm pretty sure that's how it will go too (bunny is a smart cookie). Then again, I'm just starting the revision, so anything could happen (bunny might have more tricks up her sleeve)!