Thursday, September 24, 2015

a mermaid swimming in leaves and an ice cream loving elephant

Since the Illustration Friday prompt this week is: mermaid, and yesterday was the first day of Fall, I couldn't resist drawing a mermaid in a sea of leaves, reading a book. (Only black and white for now. I didn't have time to do color this week, but hoping to add color in the future.)

Did you know that Tuesday was Elephant Appreciation Day, and also Ice Cream Day? When I found out, I sketched this ice cream eating elephant and his two friends. (Only b/w for this one too, but thinking about adding color in the future.)

If I get a chance to add color to these two drawings, I'll come back and update the post.


  1. Mermaids! It seems to be mermaid season for some reason :)
    I just went to an art fair with my plush creations last weekend, and for the first time ever (and I've been doing this for a few years) I sold out of mermaid dolls on the first day!

    1. Hooray for mermaid doll sales! I think it's cyclical. Must be time for mermaids to rise again. p.s. I did a few other mermaid sketches this week too. :)