Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Saving the birds, one pigeon at a time

I saved a pigeon today. I know that some of you are wondering why anyone would want to save a pigeon. Well for one thing, it was a very small pigeon and it couldn't fend for itself. It was old enough to have jumped from the nest, but not old enough to fly back.

There were two boys (I'd say 8 or 10 years old) and one was walking behind the baby pigeon, following very close. The pigeon was trying to get away, but it couldn't fly. I passed the boys, then stopped and turned to see what would happen because it just didn't seem right. The boy who wasn't following the pigeon saw me stop and started to walk away, but the other boy kept following the bird until it was trapped in an alcove sort of thing.

When he picked up the rock, I started yelling, "HEY!" But the boy threw the rock anyway (I hope he had bad aim). Then the boy disappeared behind the wall, so I don't know if he was still trying to attack the pigeon. By that time, I was still yelling and running over there - it was only a couple of feet, but it seemed like he could have killed the bird by the time I got there.

"Don't throw rocks at the pigeon!" I yelled. "Leave it alone!"

The boy walked away without looking at me, as in 'I'm too cool and I don't care what you stupid stranger adult are saying to me.'

The pigeon looked the same as it had before the rock throwing, so I'm guessing the boy didn't hit it. I hope not anyway.