Tuesday, July 18, 2006

drawing like a kid again

I took a break from working on my portfolio to have dinner with DH at The Outback last night. They had crayons (which DH snagged for me) and I had paper I just bought for my printer, so I got to draw like a kid before my dinner came :0)

I encourage all of you to try drawing like a kid again - it's so much fun!

Now back to work on my portfolio.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wacky Wednesday Writing Exercise

I sent this to my critique group this week, but I thought you guys might like it too. It all came about because I read the phrase "homicidal leprechauns" in a writing magazine, which made me burst out laughing.

So, here's the exercise...

Write about homicidal leprechauns, or any other word or phrase that you find funny. Write a paragraph or a whole scene, but whatever you do, make it over the top, it can be silly or funny, or just plain weird. And it doesn't have to be funny to anyone but you. It also doesn’t have to be good writing, and to prove it, I’ll post mine.

Funny (at least to me) Headline
The homicidal leprechauns were in the field taking their frustrations out on the pumpkins.

Just Weird (but I had fun writing it)
Leprechauns are not cute little green people with pots of gold stashed under rainbows.

Leprechauns are greedy, nefarious, homicidal little maniacs! The only things on them that are green, are wings that beat too fast for human eyes to see. Their pale grey, almost translucent skin, surrounds beady blood colored eyes sunken into their faces. Hair and clothing are a matching shade of cauldron black, just like the legendary kettles the gold is supposed to be in.

You’ll know there are leprechauns nearby because you’ll see swarms flying around, like tiny vampires out hunting at night, devouring every living thing in their path. The homicidal leprechauns call out to people hiding, promising pots of gold and trips to faerie land. If you hear them call, stay where you are. They won’t follow through with their promises.