Friday, August 11, 2006

LA part 2

Highlights and Lowlights from the LA conference (for notes, see my last post).


* Having an agent remember my novel from a critique at LA 2 years ago!

* Having the same agent ask me (again) to send her something!

* Getting an excellent portfolio critique with Cecilia Yung - she's so helpful, and really knows what she's talking about. Plus, she said she's familiar with my work - gotta love that, especially when there's so much work I need to do with my art.

* Meeting old friends, LJ friends, online friends, and new friends. I will try to list them all here (sort-of in alphabetical order by first name or LJ name): beachalatte , Colleen, cynthea , Deborah Davis, d_michiko_f , Debby Garfinkle, Emily Jiang, Flora, Gail (from the Blue Board), Greg Trine (Melvin Beederman), jenlyn_b , Jennifer, jo_no_anne , jodyfeldman , Jodi R., Kim T., Kerry Madden, Laura Murray, Leslie Muir, lindajsingleton, Linda Stacey, lisaalbert , marypearson , Rebecca S., Rita Crayon Huang, Sarah Darer Littman, Stephanie (the other Stephanie from NY!), Suzanne Penchina, tamarak ... and I hope I didn't forget people in trying to type this all up!

* An epiphany on a problem in my old novel (yay!), which led to figuring out the whole new plot, and now I even have an outline of sorts!

* Figuring out where I want to go with my career.

* I actually won the joke contest! For the first time ever! (with help from my husband) It was all about saying inappropriate things at the conference - mine was a reference to Silence of the Lambs, and something I would NEVER say in real life, except for a joke contest.

* The nice weather!


* Not getting to meet some of the people I was looking for.

* The different colored tags for published / unpublished - I hope they nix that next year.

* Not getting to attend all the sessions I wanted to attend.

* Figuring out where I want to go with my career - I think I made the right choice, but I'm not sure!

* The movie posters I kept seeing at the mall (where the food court is) for that evil Barnyard movie. Don't go see it! The people that made the movie are either dorks or idiots, not sure which. But here's a little lesson in cattle, just in case any of them happen by my blog:
cow = female = udders
bull = male = NO udders!