Monday, September 15, 2008

Beware of the Steves (part 2)

I have found the villains for the YA novel I’m working on! It’s a bunch of Steves.

Two years ago, when I was working at the Empire State Building, one of the guys from the building came into the office and warned me about Steves. Turns out I misunderstood him and he actually said, “thieves,” but Steves is just so much better and I’ve never forgotten it.

Can you just imagine a gang of evil Steves? (There will, of course, be girl Steves too, like Stevie, or Stevi, or Stevy.)

Or what about a gaggle of zombie Steves, wandering around and wreaking havoc?

Every time I think about it I start laughing. It might be way over the top for a YA fantasy novel, but I’m hoping I can make it work. If all else fails, I could have a group of Steevs, some sort of supernatural creature (looking a lot like lizard men or sleestacks, but with long tails).

Do you think the Steves will work? Which group of Steves do you like best? Or do you just think I’m a little too wacky and esoteric for my own good?

Book Picks: BAD KITTY and KITTY, KITTY by Michele Jaffe
These books are over the top fun, and at times snort-through-your-nose funny. Jas is the kind of girl that’s always getting thrown into the middle of things, usually dangerous things, involving police and sometimes murderers. It requires some ingenious action, like stealing limos or dressing like a giant squirrel, to get out of disaster. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!!!