Sunday, October 5, 2008

12 things for Fall

Meme Times 12: tagged me. The rules are: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a bl with 12 weird random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 5 people to be tagged. (I decided to make my 12 things Fall themed.)

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday (only 26 days left until trick-or-treat time).
2. I love roasted pumpkin seeds. We buy lots of pumpkins each year just to get the seeds.
3. We go apple picking every year, usually in October. Some years we go twice.
4. We don’t make yummy baked goods with our apples because of the baked-apple-mush disaster. However, we might try again this year thanks to a recipe from Brenda, which she assures me is easy to make.
5. I think it’s interesting that Fall leaves showcase beautiful warm colors while the air is getting cooler.
6. In H.S. I made a carrot costume to go trick-or-treating in. (I should probably not be allowed near a sewing machine.) My mom liked it so much she wore it to a party the next year. (Don’t need no stinkin’ patterns!)
7. Vampire fangs and a tiara might be part of my costume this year.
8. I miss back-to-school supplies and clothes. There’s something magical about having new stuff and waiting until school starts before you can enjoy it.
9. We go see the Thanksgiving Parade balloons being blown up each year.

10 I don’t like turkey. We have roast beef for Thanksgiving, which I am thankful for.
11. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is my favorite Peanuts special.
12. My birthday is 25 hours long this year, which has never happened before (turning the clock back for daylight savings has always been in October).

I tag: m_stiefvater, dlanthomas, Brenda, Courtney, and Carrie.