Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blogapalooza, Rutgers, illustrator interviews, and title contest

I found out from Adrienne that Angela Nickerson of Just Go! is having a Blogapalooza on October 29th. Anyone can join, and there are goodie bags! Go Here to find out more.

Tara Lazar was one of the lucky people to attend the Rutgers One-on-One conference this year, and lucky for us, she’s sharing her notes. All the notes are great, but The Five Rules for Picture Books post is really helpful!

The illustrator interviews will be starting in a couple of weeks! There are lots of great illustrators lined up for this year and a few for next year already. I’ll be putting out a call for illustrators to interview next year soon.

The NaNo novel naming contest is almost over. Deadline for entries is 5pm EST. There are already so many amazing title suggestions that I’m not sure what I’m going to choose. Thanks! You guys are way better at titles than I am!

Only 10 more days until Halloween! Do you have your costume yet? Are you already eating the trick-or-treat candy, you know, to make sure it's safe for the children? ;)