Friday, October 24, 2008

contest, postcards, pickled skunks

Halloween short story contest over on the merry fates blog! Go here, enter, get cool prizes! (Or don’t enter, and I will win with my silly story of how Sheila became a zombie cheerleader.)

If you entered my NaNo title contest, don’t forget to email me your address and which Sheila image and cheer you want on your postcard. Sheila wants to cheer you on!

Sheila’s team at Zombie High is getting a new name and mascot (suggested by Sheila, the head cheerleader, of course). The new team name for Zombie High is: The Pickled Skunks!
Sheila’s favorite thing about the new name is that they get new uniforms. It’s best if you don’t think about pickled skunks, or what they are, just bask in the delicious absurdity of the name. You really don’t have to think about actual pickled skunks … you’re thinking about pickled skunks now, aren’t you? Fine. Sheila wants me to show you a picture. Do you like the pickled skunk?