Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sheila the zombie cheerleader vs. NaNoWriMo

My portfolio reviews went well on Sunday. Yay! I learned about some things I need to improve and found out some things that were working well too. It’s always interesting to hear different opinions, especially back to back. Sometimes one person will like something the next person won’t, and vice versa. It’s always telling when they agree.

I’m putting my portfolio up on my site soon (no really, this time I’m actually going to update my website). Here’s a sneak peak of 2 book covers I did:

Bee’s cover:

Sheila’s cover:

Sheila thinks that since she has a book cover now, she should be the NaNoWriMo novel, even though she’s younger than Bee, and even though she (apparently) lied to me on Halloween about how she became a zombie. She assures me that she has way more than 50,000 words to say, which I believe, because she never stops talking to me.

I would ignore her, except that I’m not that far into Path of Bees (because I was working on my portfolio last week) and because she said she would eat my brain if I didn’t. Maybe for another reason I can’t talk about yet, too.

What I didn’t tell Sheila is that I’m still going to work on Path of Bees (at the same time), just at a slower pace.

Hope you all have a creative and productive week!!