Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the winners are ...

not me! That's okay, because the winners are really great (go check them out).

The beauty of the winning entries is that they all have a sense of the book and character. Some of them even convey emotion.

I learned so much in this contest: how to boil my story down to its core, and how to insert voice into so few words. I might revise my 140 character query (incl. spaces and punctuation) to try to add voice and emotion. I'll be doing this again for my other books, too. It's a great exercise and I think it will really help to make query and synopsis writing easier (and anything that makes queries and synopses easier is something worth doing).

Don't take my word for it, though. Try the 140 character query. Did it help? Was it fun or frustrating? Check out the winners of the contest to see how they did it.

Thanks again to Colleen Lindsay (The Swivet) for the contest!