Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art AND Writing Day: A Visit From The Evil Inner Editor

Yesterday was supposed to be an Art Day post about portfolios. It was also the day that my Evil Inner Editor (EIE) decided to visit.

It started out innocently enough. EIE was commenting on my novel ideas. To be specific, he was commenting on my plots. EIE likes the premises for my novels, but tells me that my plots, “totally suck.” He says things like, “nobody will believe that; it’s not plausible,” or “you can’t pull that off, not even if you do research,” or “eh, that’s boring, zzzzzzzz.”

I was ignoring my EIE, trying to improve my plots, combining old plots, and working on new plots. You never know when something might work for the EIE.

Then I realized it was Monday. Monday is Art Day, yay! Then EIE decided to weigh in on my Art Day posts. So I didn’t post, because (according to my EIE) it didn’t make any sense and wasn’t helpful, “at all.”

I’m still planning on doing the portfolio post for a future Art Day. Until then, I suggest ignoring your EIE so you can make art and write stories. If you have to, put your fingers in your ears and say, “I can’t hear you! LA La lalalalalalaala!”

Tomorrow I’m expecting a knock down, drag out fight with my EIE. I need him to leave so I can pick a story to start writing on Thursday. One story. Hopefully with a plot. Help! There's also an Art Day post for next week to write.

Maybe I should ask Sheila to chase my EIE away … but then I’d have to promise to write her story, and I’m not sure that’s the story I’m going to pick.

What do you do to get your EIE to go away so you can be creative?


  1. My biggest obstacle in writing is setting aside the time to actually sit and write. That would be because of my ECS (evil crazy schedule) and EP (evil procrastinator!).
    When I do write, I can usually flow and go back to edit. When I write poetry though, I am editing as I go, then revise afterwards more.

  2. It's funny. My EIE left after I started writing stuff I'd want to read. It's hard to say no one would want to read it if you would, right? :)

  3. I distract my EIE by pretending to write something else.

  4. Thanks! You guys are great!

    Kelly, I have the EP too!

    Carrie, maybe my problem is that I like to read lots of different things, so I don't know what to write! I think I might have found something my EIE wants to read though. Thanks for the advice!

    Jacqui, that usually works for me too. I switched the book I was thinking of writing and the EIE seems to be gone (crossing fingers). Thanks for the advice!