Monday, March 2, 2009

Art Day: Snow Day

Today's Art Day was supposed to be all about Spring, because I am ready for Winter to be over. The weather, however, had different thoughts. So today is a snow day. Make snowflakes. Write a poem or a story about snow. Draw a blizzard (or an egg in a blizzard).

You don't have to like snow to participate. Whether you like snow or you don't like snow, make your snow day project reflect your real feelings about the fluffy white coldness outside. And if you're in a warm place, make a picture or a poem about a snow cone ;)

I made snowflakes today. They're bright colors instead of white so they'd show up on my blog, and because I wanted to use Spring colors to make me feel better. I'm not a big fan of snow.

Enjoy the snow day, whether it's in honor of the snow or in spite of it.