Thursday, April 30, 2009

14 wk novel, week 8: half way – check in and goals

We’ve been writing for seven weeks; today is the start of week eight. Which means, we’re half way there!

Goals for week #8: Take stock of where you are and how much you have left. What can you realistically get it done in the next 7 weeks (June 18 is the last day)? It’s ok if you don’t finish, as long as you are working towards your goals.

I’m going to plan out the next 7 weeks this weekend. I’m still hoping to be done by June 18, even though I’m behind right now due to other projects that have had earlier deadlines.

How is everyone else doing?

Exercise for this week: Now that you’ve been writing for 7 weeks, it’s time to ask a few questions. I’ve included some questions below, but feel free to ask your own questions. [Note: You may have asked a few of these questions already, but it can be helpful to ask them again when you’re in the middle to see if things have changed and where the story is going.]

* What’s the main quest that your MC is on and how is she going to achieve it?

* Does your story have a theme or a question it answers?

* What’s the emotional tone of your story?

* Is your MC someone that the reader can care about and identify with?

* Can the reader identify with what’s important to your MC?

* What’s your MC’s secret? Do you reveal this to the reader?

* Do you know the ending of your story yet? Is it the logical conclusion to your story? Is it plausible?

* How does your character grow and change in the story?

That’s it for this week. How are you all doing with your novels?