Friday, April 3, 2009

ceramic death chickens, sleestaks, ninja chickens, Sheila, and BEDA

Last night I passed by a shop on my way to have dinner with my husband. In the window was the coolest little ceramic sculpture of a skeleton in a chicken suit. I had to have it.

Isn’t he cute? I named him Death Chicken. He’s got a little chicken friend, too. I haven’t named the little chicken yet, but I’m thinking maybe I’ll name it Will or Holly, based on this picture.

What do you think? BTW, Death Chicken is not afraid of the Sleestak, but little Will or Holly is. Speaking of being afraid. Sheila the zombie cheerleader is afraid of chickens, but she’s not afraid of Death Chicken because he’s technically a skeleton in a chicken suit and not a real chicken. Will or Holly is a different matter.

Sheila’s also afraid of ninja’s, and a ninja chicken is her worst nightmare. I did some sketches of ninja chickens (with throwing stars and nunchakus) today. This character is probably going to appear in Sheila’s story:

In other news, I joined Maureen Johnson’s BEDA (Blog Every Day April) after Julia posted about it, even though I have several projects going on now. Anyone else joining in on the insanity? Maybe BEDA can help me with my WIPs. Ha!

Well actually, buying the ceramic Death Chicken gave me something to blog about today and made me think about Sheila and ninja chickens, which caused me to do the ninja chicken drawing, which means that BEDA is already helping me write and illustrate my graphic novel WIP, right?

I can justify almost anything. Mwahahaha ;)

Oh, I almost forgot. I bought 2 ceramic chickens yesterday. One for me and one to give away on my blog when I come up with a really cool contest, or the end of April and BEDA, whichever comes first.


  1. Oh, I love it! Reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas!

  2. I love the ceramic death chickens!!!

  3. I love the death chickens!

  4. Rena, I hadn't thought of that, but your right. It could be Jack in a chicken suit.

    Me too Jacqui and Julia!

  5. That's one cute ninja chicken! And Death Chicken will be a great addition to your Easter and Halloween decor. Very versatile :)

  6. Thanks Adrienne! Yes, Death Chicken will be great for both holidays :)