Thursday, December 3, 2009

Best Twilight comment ever!

This is the best Twilight comment ever! (Or why I have to see New Moon; unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet.)  This is from the site My Life Is Average. Big thanks to Adrienne for the link!
“Yesterday I went to see new moon with my twilight crazy friends. Not being a fan of twilight, I felt like an outcast tagging along. When Robert Pattinson came on the sceen, a 8 year old girl got up and screamed; “Cedric Digory lives! I must tell Dumbledore!” She then proceeded to run out of the cinema along with half the cinema including me. I’ve never felt so included. MLIA”
Anyone want to go see New Moon with me so we can do this? (Then we’ll go to a different theater and watch it all the way through.)