Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Wildlife and Dec. Banner for WaWe, Tradition for CBIG, and Prehistoric for IF

The prompt for Watercolor Wednesdays this week is winter wildlife. I was thinking about a girl starting to make a snowman when I wondered what would happen if a baby polar bear crossed her path.

If you go to the Watercolor Wednesdays site this month, you’ll see the banner I did for the site:

Here’s a crop of my three favorite sand-snowmen that I’m posting on the CBIG blog this month. The prompt is tradition … it’s a tradition for my husband and I to go out to the beach on New Year’s Eve at midnight to welcome in the new year, which is what I imagine these three are doing:

The prompt this week for Illustration Friday is prehistoric and I couldn’t help wondering what a brontosaurus would look like made out of snow. Then I wondered if the giraffe and the brontosaurus are related (I’m a visual person and the long necks of both of them make them related in my mind). That’s how I came up with this painting idea.

The snow dino and giraffe don’t really look like snow creatures though. They both just look white. Maybe they rolled around in the snow before this picture.

p.s. Did you know that a giraffe is called a twigga in Swahili? (According to my MIL after her trip to Africa.)