Friday, April 22, 2011

If Frankenstein was a cow in a steampunk inspired spaceship (for CBIG and IF)

The prompt for the CBIG blog this month is, “Earth,” and the prompt this week for Illustration Friday is, “Journey.” After the fun I had last week putting Frankenmoo in a bottle, I decided to create* another picture of him that would work with both of these prompts. I had tons of ideas, but decided to go with this one:

This image idea came from thinking about two really great titles: 1. Stop The World, I Want To Get Off (a play that I saw as a kid) 2. Around The World In Eighty Days (saw the movie when I was a kid and always loved the idea of sailing around the world in a balloon). I combined the two titles to show Franken Moo leaving the earth in a spaceship.

Some of the inspiration for the spaceship design comes from looking at steampunk flying machines (which are really cool looking). Some of them have wings, which I added to the spaceship. Some of them also have hot air balloon type things attached to the top of the flying machines. This spaceship originally had a hot air balloon looking object on top, helping it to fly, but it didn’t look right. I erased the balloon before erasing the strings. I liked having the strings there, but without anything on top, it looked a little weird … so I made them into antennas!

Now it looks like the spaceship is alive. That wasn’t my original plan, but I like it! Happy accidents in art are excellent, even if you can’t plan for them.

* Created by painting the black outline in ink and coloring digitally.

p.s. Happy Earth Day!