Sunday, September 18, 2011

puppy note cards for the Read For Relief Auction to fund Hurricane Irene relief

My husband and I were very lucky to escape Hurricane Irene with no damage and our power intact, but a lot of people and communities weren’t that lucky. There’s an auction going on right now to help people that were affected. The Read for Relief Auction was organized by a group of East Coast writers and features auction items geared towards YA writers and readers and other members of the kidlit community.

Since I don’t have a book out right now, I donated a pack of note cards with my art on them:
Puppy Note Cards: This set of 24 note cards (4 each of 6 designs) features dogs galore! Puppies that want to say hello, happy birthday, or entice you to look for rainbows (or maybe Superman). These cards are great for sending notes, or to say thank you, or even to give as a gift. Printed on bright white linen paper with matching envelopes. All cards have a caption on the outside and are blank on the inside.

The captions are (left to right, top to bottom):
1. Puppy coming out of box: “Happy Birthday”
2. Sheepdog Puppy: “Hello!”
3. Four images of a dog and cat: “Hello There!”
4. Three puppies: “Woof arf ruff? (How are you?)”
5. Dogs with umbrellas: “You never know when you’re going to see a rainbow, or Superman.”
6. Kitty looking for her friend in a sea of lab puppies: “Hi : )”

The bidding for the note cards ends at 10 pm (EST) tonight, Sunday September 18th, so if you’re interested, bid today!

There are lots of other great items up for bid that are closing tonight too (all Day 5 items), like critiques from authors and editors, advance copies of books you can’t get yet, a picture book prize pack, and an author that will write a grisly death scene for you in his next book. So go check out the auction and bid if you are able to. The money will do a lot of good to help those affected by Hurricane Irene (all winning bidders donate directly to The Red Cross). Thanks!
p.s. My mom just bid on the cards. Seriously. She’s going to be away from her computer the rest of the day though, so you still have a chance!