Friday, March 16, 2012

Horton Hears A Who, and a What, Where, Why, When and How! Dr. Seuss, In Plain Sight, and IF

I’m still playing with pen and ink, except this week I decided to use a brush instead of a pen. All month I’ve been paying tribute to Dr. Seuss (his 108th birthday was March second). This week I drew Horton hearing a Who … and a What, Where, Why, When, and How! He’s holding all those worlds in his trunk. I drew him with a classic pair of sunglasses because the prompt for Illustration Friday this week is shades. Horton with sunglasses made him look like a cop or a government agent, which was a perfect way to introduce the idea that Horton was a U.S Marshall. He put the other worlds under witness protection (from the monkeys). That’s why you didn’t know he heard anyone other than a Who. He’s got a U.S. Marshall badge around his neck, just like Mary wears hers on In Plain Sight (final season starts this weekend).