Sunday, November 23, 2014

In two weeks, Ewe And Aye will fly into bookstores!

Two weeks from today is the book launch party for EWE AND AYE! I can't believe it's only two weeks away, after years of working on the art and waiting for the book to come out. It's the first picture book I've illustrated, so maybe that's why it seemed to take forever to get here. Firsts always seem to take so loooooooong to arrive: the first day of school, the first book that you could read all by yourself, the first time you could drive by yourself without anyone else in the car, well you get the idea.

First things are always very exciting, and a little terrifying too. The scenarios you imagine for something new are always on the extreme ends of what could happen (or maybe that's just me). Not only is this my first book, it's also my first book launch. (Makes sense, right?) I'm a little worried that nobody will come, or that EVERYONE will come and they won't fit in the store ... or they will fit in the store, but they will be expecting ME to entertain them. I hope the three people (or three hundred?) who show up won't be disappointed in the book launch. At least my launch party has three really great things going for it:

There will be cake!
(Everyone loves cake, or at least most people do, right?)

There will be prizes!
(Good prizes - you would like them - you should totally come to the launch party and try to win prizes.)

There will be books!
(Who doesn't like books? Seriously. Who doesn't like books? I bet they would like this book. It has lots of pictures (drawn by me)!

When and where will my book launch be? I'm glad you asked! (Okay, YOU didn't really ask, but if you've read this far, you probably wanted to know, right?)

What: Book Launch Party for EWE AND AYE written by Candace Ryan and illustrated by Stephanie Ruble (Published by Disney*Hyperion - ISBN: 978-142317591-9)

Where: Red Balloon Bookshop 891 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

When: Sunday December 7, 2014 at 3pm

Personalized Books: Order online or by phone at 651-224-8320 / 888-651-8320 (The book officially releases on Dec. 9, so if you're going to the party and want to make sure you get a book, or if you can"t come to the party and want me to sign a book for you, pre-order by Tues, Nov. 25).

No Purchase Necessary: You don't have to buy a book to come to the party, but if you do buy a book, I'd be happy to sign it for you.

I bet you're wondering what the book looks like, aren't you? Here's the cover:

 Wondering what people are saying about the book? It's been reviewed by three places so far:

Kirkus: "Ryan’s punning is nicely expanded in Ruble’s zippy illustrations. ... Lots of fun." 

Publisher's Weekly: "But the real attraction is debut illustrator Ruble—she brings an exuberant energy to each scene ..."

School Library Journal: "The goggle-wearing animals in their heart-soled sneakers are expressive and charming. ... The wordplay is clever, and the art is sweet ..."

So, if you happen to be in the Twin Cities area and want to go to a book launch party on Dec. 7 at Red Balloon Bookshop, it would be great to see you!

* Disclaimer: This post was written on about three hours of sleep, so if it's too silly or weird, that's why! If, on the other hand, you think this post is brilliant, it's because I'm creative. No seriously, I am! Did you see that I illustrated a book? No? Huh, you must have just scrolled down to the bottom of the post. Well, let me tell you about it. The book is called, EWE AND AYE. It was written by Candace Ryan and illustrated by Stephanie Ruble (that's me)!

Come to my book launch party!

It will be fun!

There will be prizes! And Cake! And books! You like books, don't you?

Oops, I said I was going to stop, didn't I? I'll stop now.