Friday, February 13, 2015

moose protection from monsters - sleep for IF

The prompt for Illustration Friday this week is sleep. As soon as I read that, I remembered an old idea I had of a moose guarding a girl while she slept. I liked the idea and the tiny thumbnail sketch, but had never done anything with it. As soon as I knew the new topic, I got out the old bw thumbnail sketch to look at it, and then did this new color sketch.

The girl is sleeping peacefully while the moose protects her from monsters. (Poor moose. He looks a little scared of that monster!)

I like how the color sketch turned out, and I still like the story idea behind it, but not sure if I'll ever take it further. The last time I tried, the moose became an elephant!

Speaking of Illustration Friday, I was going to post for the topic last week, noise, but I haven't finished the image yet. I couldn't finish it in time because I added a character at the last minute (to make it a better narrative). I want to finish the image before posting it because I'm having fun with it and it might be the start of a series of images! I can give you a sneak peek of the bunny character though:

Here's the original sketch of the bunny - the topic was noise, and this bunny knows how to make noise!

And here's the new sketch with the bunny and the girl:

I was originally going to give her pigtails to echo the bunny ears, but it looked weird and I've been drawing a lot of girls with pigtails lately. I like the new hair because it echoes the volume of the ears around the bunny's head. Having a lot of fun with this piece! I'll post the finished art once it's done, and maybe even put it in my portfolio too. (Note: Blogger is doing that weird thing again where it makes the white of the last image a darker color. The last two images are from the same Photoshop file with the same background color. Strange!)