Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Masked Moo In The Metropolis: a blast from the past for Illustration Friday

The prompt for Illustration Friday this week is metropolis. Whenever I hear/read the word metropolis, I think of superheroes, so I can't resist posting this old comic I did of a cow superhero saving the city. It's from 2003 (I can't believe this drawing is twelve years old)! 

I'm considering reviving The Masked Moo* and making more stories and/or comics for her. Of course The Masked Moo isn't the only superhero cow I've drawn (probably not surprising to anyone who knows me). Maybe I should write a story/comic about the cow superhero community. That could be fun! It's tempting ...

* Originally she was Batcow, but I think The Masked Moo is a better name. What do you think?

Speaking of fun art, I posted sketches last week from an image I started for the Illustration Friday prompt, noise, but wanted more time with. The idea was that what's music for one person could be noise for another. (Note: the song has two words in it, bunny and carrot, and a repeating chorus of La La La - I can see how that would be noise to some people!) Thinking of drawing another image with them singing AND dancing to the Bunny-Carrot song! Here's the final image:

I also did finished art for the girl and robot sketch I posted a few weeks ago for the Illustration Friday prompt, passion. I ended up liking the black line with a few spots of red, so I kept that instead of making it full color, though I think full color would be fun too. Maybe I'll do more with these characters in the future, or draw more robots. Robots are fun to draw. Yay robots! Here it is:

I'm back at the drawing board this week imaging characters and their stories, possibly for a postcard. There are several new ideas and a few old sketches that are intriguing me. Crossing my fingers for a creativity filled week! Hope you have a creative week too!