Wednesday, March 4, 2015

dogs reading at the beach and world read aloud day

Today is World Read Aloud Day, which celebrates the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories around the world. This is such a wonderful celebration! Check out Lit World's site for reading kits and other resources.

Pam Allyn, Lit World's Founder and Executive Director, talks about the importance of reading aloud to children, in this article on the Huffington Post site today.

If you need more incentive to break out a book and start reading, how about a few pictures of dogs reading books? (People like pictures of dogs playing poker, why not reading books?)

These drawings of dogs reading at the beach are a little old (from 2004!), but perfect for a day that celebrates reading (also because it's winter and reading at the beach sounds wonderful, and warm):

Today is a day to read stories aloud, even if the only one around is your puppy, or a bird, or the wind and the waves!

Happy World Read Aloud Day!

p.s. Tomorrow is World Book Day - another excuse to keep reading (not that we needed an excuse to read)!