Saturday, May 2, 2015

Independent Bookstore Day, guide dogs, shelter pets, and Mother Goose!

Today is Independent Bookstore Day! It's a great time to show your local indie some love if you can. Lots of stores are hosting events or have special gifts with purchase today, and of course, they have books! I've been continuing to make art for unusual holidays, and couldn't resist making one for Independent Bookstore Day today:

Yesterday was a holiday mash-up, with three holidays all combined into one piece of art! It was Mother Goose Day, Tuba Day, and Space Day ... so here's Mother Goose playing the tuba under the stars:

Thursday was Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, which made me want to juxtapose a puppy and kitty waiting to be adopted with images of them after they found homes (for more information on shelter pets and where to find a shelter in your area, check out The Shelter Pet Project):

Wednesday was Guide Dog Day. I couldn't resist painting a few little guide dogs in training (they have to start somewhere):

There are many more unusual holidays coming up, so I might have to make art for those too! If you want to see my previous holiday art, please click here.

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