Saturday, May 9, 2015

trains, lost socks, birds, bears, readers and triangles

I'm continuing to make art for unusual holidays. Here are a few recent holidays you may or may not have ever heard of:

Today is 3 holidays! It's Lost Sock Day -and- Train Day -and- Migratory Bird Day, so the birds are following the sock train (driven by the bear who liked blueberry pie in April, and who is confused by coconut pie below). Note: the car with the lost socks has single socks looking for a match, and the found car has pairs of socks!

Yesterday was Coconut Pie Day. The bear is confused about which pi day it is:

On Thursday, I celebrated Get Caught Reading Month and Children's Book Week with a tree full of readers. (Note: the colors of the original painting are better and have more contrast. I think I might need a new scanner.)

Did you see Ewe and Aye in the tree? Here's a close up:

 The prompt for Illustration Friday this week is triangle. I noticed recently that I like to draw and paint triangle shaped ears for dogs (probably because many dogs have triangle shaped ears - cats too). Here's a blast from the past picture of puppies with triangle ears (the image also has a triangle shaped design, formed by the crossing of the soda pop bottles on the bottom and the puppies on the top). This is also the only gouache painting I've done that I've ever liked (not a huge fan of painting with gouache - I like the colors, so I wish I liked the medium better):

Here's another old example of a puppy with triangle ears (this painting is acrylic, not gouache):

If you want to see my previous holiday art, please click here. I'm still making art for unusual holidays, so if you enjoyed these, please visit again!

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