Tuesday, January 26, 2016

dance party, orbit for illustration friday, and a recent picture book read

The Illustration Friday prompt this week is: orbit. Since I just did an outer space / orbit picture for the IF prompt moon, I thought I'd bring orbit down to Earth this time for a dance party. This girl* is dancing in an orbit around her music:

* This may or may not be me dancing to 80s music during the blizzard this past weekend.

Recent Read* I loved - 
Picture Book: Happy in Our Skin by Fran Manushkin, illustrated by Lauren Tobia - This is a really neat picture book about how amazing our skin is and how it's something we all have in common. “It keeps the outsides out/ and your insides in.” Kids are curious about everything, including their skin. Happy in Our Skin is a good introduction to the function skin has. It's also about families and how wonderful it is to be yourself. The text is fun to read and the gorgeous art provides lots to look at and discover, as well as a diverse cast of characters.

* Note: Recent = books read the day of, the week before, or within the last year or so, but usually that month. Unless stated otherwise, all books were purchased by me, given to me as gifts by family or friends (not the authors or illustrators), or checked out of the library.


  1. Wish I was there. Looks like you (or not you) had a blast!

    1. Wish you were here too! If you dance to 80s music there at the same time I dance to 80s music here, it will almost be like we're in the same place. Almost. ;)