Monday, February 15, 2016

happy hippo day and hat for illustration friday

The Illustration Friday prompt this week is: hat. I was trying to figure out what to draw for IF while it was snowing today. At that point, it was a light snow, which made me think about people in New York who walk around with umbrellas when it's snowing, which made me think of people trying to share umbrellas ... which ended up with me drawing an elephant and a cow wearing hats and scarves, and sharing an umbrella in the snow:

BTW, did you know today is Hippo Day? Happy Hippo Day! And, as everyone knows, hippos love to wear hats! (I might have made that up, but it could totally be true.) Here are a couple of hippos with hats:

This hippo is celebrating with her birdie friend and a new tattoo!

The hippo on the left has a ship shaped hat. The hippo on the right is jealous. Here's a close up of the hippo's ship hat and the seagull on board, who is also wearing a hat:

Speaking of animals that like to wear hats, did you know that cats like to wear hats? Here's proof:

Did you think I was going to show The Cat In The Hat? Now that I think of it, I did draw a picture of The Cat In The Hat and his brother a while back:

Oh no!  The Cat In The Hat's brother has just eaten the fish! Do you think The Cat In The Hat can save the day? Or do you think the fish will save himself? (I'm betting on the fish.)

Happy Hippos Wearing Hats Day!
(And also not wearing hats.)