Monday, March 7, 2016

pig in a power pose wearing a flowered shirt

Today seems like it needs a pig in a power pose while wearing a flowered shirt. And also wearing swim shorts and sunglasses - this piggy must be on the way to the beach! (Wish I were on my way to the beach.)

Some people (who shall remain nameless) thought the flowered shirt was a bit scary. It doesn't look so scary in this image. The scan came out a lot more muted. The original was colored with highlighter markers, and then covered with colored pencil to tone down the neon factor a bit. I took a cell phone picture of it too, to see if that would show the brighter colors. It's a bit better, but still not quite as shocking as real life. Here's the two versions side by side:

The real pig is brighter, and the color is somewhere between these two images.

This pig is obviously the cousin of the pig I painted last year on April 24th for Pig In A Blanket Day and Arbor Day. Maybe today is Pig In A Flowered Shirt Day, but nobody knows it (other than this pig).

Happy Monday Pig In A Flowered Shirt Day everyone! ;)

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