Thursday, April 28, 2016

meet the sheep (from the refugee auction painting)

Last week, I blogged about an auction to benefit refugees (see the end of post for more info on auction), and the sheep package up for bid that includes three items from me (an original painting, a signed copy of my picture book EWE AND AYE, and sheep note cards). Note: The auction has ended. Thanks to everyone who bid on items to help refugees!

Now it's time to meet the six sheep from the painting and find out what books they like to read!

1. Fluffy loves books about space. She has a telescope and a collection of socks with stars and planets on them (the ones she's wearing in the painting match her book). Fluffy hopes to be an astronaut one day and explore the universe.

2. Ewegenia (pronounced like Eugenia) loves books about cows and fashion (her best friend is a cow). She likes to dress up and go out and about on the farm with her best cow friend. She also likes to give the other sheep makeovers, even when they don't want them. She's not a big fan of shearing day; she likes her wool to look just so. Ewegenia is a cousin of Ewe (from EWE AND AYE).

3. Baa-b (pronounced like Bob) likes being scared and reading scary books, the scarier the better. He's afraid of spiders and is always cold, so he always wears a cap, a sweater, and slippers, and keeps a look out for creepy crawlies.

4. Woolly loves magic. Her favorite books are about a witch named Woolly Hatter, who saves the world from evil. She likes to pretend that she's Woolly Hatter (they have the same first name) and can save the world with a swish of her wand. But first, she needs to find out what happens in the books. Then she needs to get a wand.

5. Ewenice (pronounced like Eunice) loves to dance. She's been practicing she she was just a little lamb. She twirls and leaps everywhere she goes. One day she hopes to dance with the royal farm ballet company. Ewenice is another cousin of Ewe (from EWE AND AYE).

6. Zee loves to sleep during the day because he works all night. You know those sheep people always tell you to count when you're trying to fall asleep? Zee is one of the counting sleep sheep. He reads sleepy books about sheep and rabbits to help him fall asleep during the day.

Here's the full painting, with all the sheep together:

If you'd like to see pictures of this painting in progress, check out my post about the painting here.

About the auction - From the site: "Authors Shannon Hale and Mette Ivie Harrison have mobilized book people to donate items for an epic online auction. You will find one of a kind offers, critiques, art, books, personalized visits, and unique events from our generous helpers. All the money after administrative fees will go to Lifting Hands International, a charity that gets life-saving supplies directly to refugee camps."

Note: The auction has ended. Thanks to everyone who bid on items to help refugees! 

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