Sunday, July 17, 2016

reading in 2016 - book stats and favorites April - June

2016 Book Reading Stats (April, May, June):

9 Picture Books

6 Chapter Books

7 Middle Grade Novels

6 YA Novels (1 pubbed as adult many years ago – now YA)

1 Graphic Novels

1 Non Fiction Book (about art / creativity)

Total = 33 books!*

* There were nine books I didn't finish that aren't in the totals above. About half were not right for me right now, though I might have enjoyed them at a different time. Unfortunately, the other half had problematic content that made me stop reading. Most of them were books I’d had for a while and hadn’t gotten around to reading yet.

Note: 99% of these books are new reads. Each book is only counted once (each year), even if I re-read it over and over. I usually don't re-read novels, but I do re-read picture books.

April to June 2016 - Favorites: 
Since I read 33 books in 3 months, I decided to highlight 3 favorites from 3 age groups, PB, MG, and YA.

3 Picture Book Favorites:

1. THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING by Ashley Spires – a neat book about inspiration, disappointment, and the creative process. For creative (and not yet creative) kids and adults.

2. THE COW WHO CLIMBED A TREE by Gemma Merino – a fun book about adventure, taking risks, and being your own person/cow. For cow lovers and adventurers (even those who prefer to have their adventures in books).

3. MIRA FORECASTS THE FUTURE by Kell Andrews, illustrated by Lissy Marlin – a blend of fiction and non combine to made an interesting story about predicting fortunes and weather, and finding out who you are or who you want to be. For readers interested in meteorology and/or who like inquisitive characters.

3 Middle Grade Favorites:

1. WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON by Grace Lin – a rich story about finding your fortune that includes a mix of old stories/myths, a journey, a dragon, and wonderful illustrations that enhance the narrative. For readers who love a layered story, or a good quest, or for readers who want to fall into the world of a book.

2. THE WILD ROBOT by Peter Brown – an amusing and thoughtful look at what might happen if a robot were stranded on an island and had to learn how to survive. For kids and adults who love robots, or animals, or island survival stories.

3. SEVEN STORIES UP by Laurel Snyder – a heartfelt story about family and time travel. If you’ve ever wondered what people were like when they were young, this story is a glimpse into that for one family. For readers who love time travel and stories about characters connecting in difficult or unusual circumstances.

3 YA Favorites:

1. HOW IT WENT DOWN by Kekla Magoon – an incredible story of a senseless shooting that explores the aftermath through the eyes of the victim’s friends, family, and community. For readers who like to see all sides of a story, or who are trying to make sense of the violence in currents, or for readers who like a good story. If you haven’t read this book, move it to the top of your to read list.

2. INHERITANCE by Malinda Lo – an intriguing story about two teens whose lives were saved and forever altered with alien DNA. It looks at the complicated issues surrounding government secrets, medical experiments, and public opinion. For readers who love aliens, sci-fi, government conspiracies, and thinking about how one decision/action can affect many things and people.

3. DRAW THE LINE by Laurent Linn – a dramatic story about finding yourself, finding love, and fighting hate, that weaves together reality and fantasy through words and illustrations. For anyone who has ever wanted to be a superhero, or wished they could live a different life, or want to fight injustices that seem insurmountable, or who process experiences creatively (drawing, writing, etc.).

* What have you been reading lately? Any recommendations? Any favorite books this year?