Wednesday, September 21, 2016

inside out umbrella - art inspired by Edward Gorey for Illustration Friday

When I read that the Illustration Friday prompt for this week is rain, my first thought was of being stuck in a storm when your umbrella flips inside out. I did a quick sketch of the idea (and my mood for the day) and got this:

Showed it to my DH, who said it reminded him of Edward Gorey, which improved my mood considerably! I hadn't meant to channel Gorey, but I love his art. When I went on to draw a more finished image, I decided to actually think about Gorey while drawing. This is the result:

The finished result is not an imitation of Gorey's art or style, but I think the influence and inspiration is obvious. What do you think?

Here's a crop so you can get a closer look at the details:

Hope your day today is sunny! It's a rainy day for you, I hope that your umbrella stays open the right way and keeps you dry. Or better yet, I hope you can stay inside and draw! If your mood is rainy, I hope you can find an artist or a story that will inspire you, or possibly turn your mood around.

Note: The images were drawn on a tan colored paper that looks a bit peach when scanned. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Talk Like A Pirate Day / Talk Like A Cow Day

Yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arr!

Did you celebrate?

What are your favorite pirate sayings?

It's always a fun day, whether you participate or just read/see/listen to what others are doing. In other years I've created art for it and wanted to make something fun again this year. I didn't have an idea before Talk Like A Pirate Day. Then I didn't have an idea for most of yesterday, until a cow (it's always a cow with me) and her parrot popped into my head. The idea for the image didn't come until I had the idea for a pirate saying. Talking like a pirate is not easy! This is the result:

If you missed Talk Like A Pirate Day yesterday, celebrate today instead! Or make today Talk Like A Cow Day - MOO!

Every day should be Talk Like A Cow Day.

How much fun would that be?

It would be hilari-moos!

Happy Talk Like A Cow Day!*


*People make up holidays all the time. I make up cow-lidays. Moo!

p.s. I always like it when artists show part of their process, so here's the black line stage to show what it looked like before color was added:

Happy Talk Like A Cow Day! Are you celebrating? I am. MOO! ;)